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Super Joint Support Review

Take some pain killers and call me if anything goes wrong. This is what many of us are used to hearing when it comes to joint pain. Many times doctors will just simply tell us to take something to dull or kill the pain for a few hours or days, but without surgery the pain never really seems to go away.

Super Joint Support, made with all-natural ingredients, claims to have the answers to your pain problems. They even promise to prevent the expensive surgeries that often accompany joint replacement.

But, can their claims hold up? Let’s take an in-depth look and discover if Super Joint Support is right for you.

All-Natural Ingredients

Their 5 all-natural ingredients make up this liquid solution designed to absorb quickly into the body, allowing for more natural pain relief and healing.

These ingredients include:

Glucosamine HCl – This compound occurs naturally in cartilage and is used to help build up and support connective tissue found in joints. There have been few side-effects reported and most were associated with nausea and gas.

Recommendations included taking glucoasmine HCl with food.

Chondroitin- Chondroitin is a major part of the joint. It is the tough connective tissue that helps to cushion the joint. Chondroitin also helps to keep the joint healthy by absorbing fluid into the connective tissue and is considered the building block of new cartilage.

Side effects mirror those of glucosamine and in some cases uses say that their Asthma has been complicated during usage. Recommendations are the same.

MSM – MSM is the sulfur agent. Sulfur is a second building block of connective tissue and helps remove inflammation, improving joint function.

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is an antioxidant that enhances the effects of MSM and helps form the primary cells that make up cartilage.

Manganese – Manganese is stored in the bones and aids in normal bone growth as well as the production of the body’s own chondroitin supply.

Our Recommendations

Super Joint Support does have the all-natural ingredients as they suggested which seem to perform actions that would allow for the healing and support of joints. However, with little clinical research and customer reviews we are unsure whether this product works as described.

We do recommend trying it at your own risk since these all-natural ingredients are good for the body.

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