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Nutrilite Glucosamine-7 Review

In order to find relief from their chronic aches and pains, many people turn to topical creams for all their joint pain problems. Unfortunately, these creams merely target the symptoms, not the source, of joint discomfort and swelling. Although fast-acting temporary relief is “good enough” for most people, wouldn’t you rather find a product that can help repair damaged cartilage?

Nutrilite Glucosamine-7, claims that you can supposedly experience an increase in mobility and flexibility in as little as seven days by feeding your joints healthy ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin.

Although such a claim is fairly common among pain-relieving products, we can’t help but be a little skeptical about whether or not this promising product can really deliver the results we are looking for. To help you in your search for the best joint supplement available, we decided to take a closer look at this potentially helpful product to see whether or not Nutrilite can make the cut.

What should I know about Nutrilite Glucosamine-7?

Nutrilite Glocosamine-7 claims to be an all-natural dietary supplement that contains clinically proven ingredients to help improve joint health safely and effectively. In addition to using more manganese and boron than many of the leading brand name supplements, Nutrilite Glocsamine-7 claims to help protect, lubricate, and cushion cartilage as well as reduce inflammation and swelling without the negative side effects.

Pros of Nutrilite Glucosamine-7?

Nutrilite has been producing reliable and high quality products for years, and many customers have reported their satisfaction with the customer service. Nutrilite Glucosamine-7 appears to be a safe and effective product for relieving joint pain.

This Joint-healthy formula contains the following ingredients:

Glucosamine and Chondroitin: The most highly prescribed ingredients for joint pain, Glucosamine and Chondroitin attract fluids and nutrients to the synovial space to not only cushion and lubricate joints but to provide the basic building blocks for repairing damaged cartilage as well.

Boron: This essential ingredient increases your body’s ability to retain calcium, effectively helping to support and maintain healthy bones and joints.

Manganese: In order to help maintain healthy joints, your body needs an adequate supply of manganese. Manganese is directly involved in the production of connective tissues, so you can encourage the repair of damaged joints.

5-Loxin: 5-Loxin interacts with the enzymes Cox and Lox to reduce inflammation and swelling, so you can experience pain-free movements once more.

OptiMSM: One of the purest sources of bioavailable sulfur, OptiMSM is a great way for reducing recovery time and repairing damaged tissues.

Cons of Nutrilite Glucosamine-7

Unfortunately, Nutrilite products cannot be purchased through their main website, and in order to even find Glucosamine-7 you have to go through Amway retailers, adding an extra step to the purchasing process. Additionally, should you decide to purchase through a different vendor, be warned that there are multiple sites selling tainted products.

As with many other joint supplements, Nutrilite Glucosamine-7 contains Glucosamine, which is derived primarily from shellfish. If you suspect an allergic reaction to this ingredient, do not purchase this product.

Will it Work?

Overall, we are impressed with Nutrilite Glucosamine-7’s formula, and we can safely conclude that its all-natural approach to relieving joint pain is an effective one. With Nutrilite Glucosamine-7 you have a high-quality product at a fairly affordable cost, and as an additional bonus, there are no reported side-effects directly associated with Nutrilite Glucosamine-7.

However, we do not believe that Nutrilite Glucosamine-7 can live up to its claims to provide joint-pain relief in as little as seven days. Although this product may offer immediate relief for some, individual results will vary, and healing damaged joints and cartilage may take longer than anticipated.

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