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Are you frustrated with joint pain and stiffness? Do you have trouble when you try to stand up, because your joints just don’t seem to want to cooperate? Enjoy relief with NOW Shark Cartilage. NOW Foods claims to have the solution to your joint and pain problems with their 100% shark cartilage formula.

The Formula

NOW Shark Cartilage claims they have 100% freeze dried shark cartilage. This cartilage is rich in glucosamine and chondroitin, both include anti-inflammatory properties and allow for improved joint health.
This supplement also includes bone strengthening Calcium, which helps to establish structural longevity.

Uses of Shark Cartilage

In addition to joint pain relief, Shark Cartilage has also been studied in relation to various other diseases and overall immune system function. Cancer is the most prominent disease studied in relation to this type of supplementation.

The Negative

Scientific studies have been inconclusive on the claimed healing properties of shark cartilage and it has not been reviewed by the FDA(Food and Drug Administration).
They do have to harvest sharks in order to produce this product. However, they say that each shark harvested is also used for other food purposes.
You should be aware of any possible seafood allergies. This product does contain seafood ingredients.
Also, even though the product is inexpensive, 6 capsules are required for each serving and the distinct fishy smell and taste may be quite a turn off for some consumers.
There have been reported side-effects, such as, nausea, indigestion, fatigue, fever and dizziness.

The Positive

Consumers that have tried NOW Shark Cartilage have shown improvement and overall like the product.
NOW Shark Cartilage is inexpensive at only $7.45 per 100 capsules. This will last for 16 servings.
Additionally, the included ingredients have been proven to improve overall joint health and based on lab studies can reduce inflammation and pain.

The Results

At first glance, NOW Shark Cartilage may seem a little risky, due to its lack of clinical results. However, if you are considering trying shark cartilage as an alternative to other medications, NOW Shark Cartilage will offer you the best price for the product. With great consumer reviews it is worth giving it a shot.

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