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Joint Soother Review

The bottle’s name describes what it’s supposed to do. But I was curious to see if the bottle’s ingredients can actually do it. Does Joint Soother really soothe joints, reduce inflammation, and relieve pain?

My research was temporarily halted because I ran into a problem. There are 2 Joint Soother products. How are they different? Which one is the better option? Here’s what I discovered…

Who Makes Joint Soother?

One Joint Soother product is made by Puritan’s Pride and the other by Vitamin World. Further investigation revealed these products have identical ingredients.

My first thought was Puritan’s Pride and Vitamin World may be the same company. But I was unable to verify this. Since the companies are located in different states, I’m inclined to think they are unconnected.

The fact remains that both companies use the same ingredients. So, it doesn’t really matter which product you buy. However, I suggest buying the Vitamin World product because this company has a better reputation.

The Better Business Bureau gives Puritan’s Pride a C+ rating mainly because sufficient background information is unavailable. In contrast, Vitamin World has an A+ rating. The company was started in 1976 and no complaints were filed through BBB in the last 3 years.

What Are the Ingredients?

Joint Soother comes in double strength or triple strength. The ingredients and dosages are the same. The only difference is how many capsules you take; 3 or 2.

Glucosamine HCI (1,500 mg) – occurs naturally in healthy cartilage. It strengthens cartilage and increases synovial fluid, which lubricates joints. One study showed glucosamine reduces joint pain, stiffness and inflammation better than ibuprofen or a placebo.[1]

These ingredients make up the Mobili-Flex™ Proprietary Blend (1,700 mg):

MSM – contains sulfur, which strengthens and maintains joint tissue. In one study, people who took MSM had less joint pain and better physical functioning.[2]

Chondroitin Sulfate – fortifies joints and reduces damage. Research shows it’s effective for reducing joint pain and improving mobility.[3]

Collagen – is the major component in joints. It increases elasticity and reduces wear and tear. When study participants consumed collagen, it relieved joint pain.[4]

Citrus Bioflavonoid – may eradicate toxins and lessen joint damage because it contains antioxidants. Supposedly, citrus bioflavonoid reduces inflammation as well.

Boswellia Serrata – is proven to decrease joint pain and swelling, and increase flexibility.[5]

Dosages & the Proprietary Blend

These are the proven dosages Joint Soother should contain to be safe and effective:

• Glucosamine: 1,500 mg
• MSM: 1,500-6,000 mg
• Chondroitin Sulfate: 800-1,200 mg
• Collagen: 1,200 mg
• Citrus Bioflavonoid: No recommended dosage
• Boswellia Serrata: 600-900 mg

Joint Soother contains the proven glucosamine dosage. However, the proprietary blend prevents me from seeing other ingredient dosages. At minimum, Joint Soother needs 4,100 mg in the proprietary blend. But it only has 1,700 mg. This means most Joint Soother ingredients are not included in proven dosages.

Customer Reviews

Because Joint Soother does not contain proven dosages, I was doubtful it would be effective. So, I decided to see what customer reviews say. There are 60 reviews on Here are the ratings Joint Soother received:

• 5 stars: 37 users
• 4 stars: 12 users
• 3 stars: 5 users
• 2 stars: 4 users
• 1 stars: 2 users

The average rating is 4.3/5 stars. After analyzing the formula, I was surprised to see such a high rating.

The only complaint users had is the Triple Strength caplets are too large. This issue can be avoided by using the Double Strength product. You get the same dosages, but in 3 smaller capsules; rather than 2 large caplets.

Best Places to Buy

Joint Soother is sold in Vitamin World stores. You can find a store location through These sites sell Joint Soother online:
• Double Strength (120 Capsules): $26.99 (sale price)
• Triple Strength (180 Caplets): $43.99

Triple Strength is more expensive because it has a 90-day supply. Double Strength has a 40-day supply.
• Double Strength (120 Capsules): $34.99
• Triple Strength (180 Caplets): $46.89

Is Joint Soother Worth Buying?

The Joint Soother ingredients are safe. However, I don’t know if safe dosages are used. Since users didn’t report side effects, safe dosage may be used. Unfortunately, there is no way to prove it because Vitamin World hides dosages from consumers.

Research shows Joint Soother’s ingredients reduce joint pain and improve flexibility. The proven dosages must be used though. Joint Soother’s small proprietary blend cannot possibly contain proven dosages. But–surprisingly–most users report great results after taking Joint Soother.

Joint Soother may be worth buying. However, I don’t recommend it because there are safer, more effective joint supplements. Many are more affordable than Joint Soother, too.


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