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Joint Rehab Review

Did you know in a 2007 clinical trial Joint Rehab’s innovative ingredient Kre-Celazine® was found to significantly decrease joint pain and inflammation? All test subjects experienced different levels of relief—the measure of which relied upon the site and intensity of injury—but all benefitted from this ingredient none-the-less.

Hurting yourself during athletic training is a part of life. You strive to avoid it, but heavy lifting or frequent jarring of the joints during aerobic exercise like running, render almost unavoidable consequences over time.

Joint Rehab provides just that—“rehabilitation for your joints.” Whether you’re suffering with a shoulder injury, or painful knees and elbows, Joint Rehab’s “Double-patented” formula may be able to provide you with much needed relief.

With Joint Rehab you may experience:

• Improved mobility
• Increase joint fliexibility
• Joint health
• Relief from exercise soreness
• Relief from inflammation

The Inner Working of Joint Rehab

Joint Rehab’s only working component is Kre-Celazine® containing proven creatine monohydrate and cetylated fatty acids. These ingredients when used synergistically work to relieve the site of inflammation and injury. Did you know that when your joints are damaged, your immune system actually attacks the compromised tissue and cartilage, seeing them as an “enemy”? That’s what actually causes the inflammation and discomfort.

These two ingredients seem to clear out the damage and ease the inflammation before the immune system needs to get involved—although how is scientifically unknown. It may be because they remove the pro-inflammatory molecules in the damaged tissue, and Creatine itself interferes—or blocks—these molecules from reaching the cell wall and creating pain and inflammation.

Regardless of how it’s done, in animal trial on joints and ligaments, and a small study on humans, creatine monohydrate and cetylated fatty acids when teamed together seemed to provide significant relief to joint pain and inflammation.

The Cost of Joint Rehab

Joint Rehab is sold via third-party retailers and can be found for sale anywhere from $25-$30 for a 60-count bottle.

When you purchase Joint Rehab, you will also receive a free 2oz tube of “Joint Rehab Cream” to add relief topical relief to the site of injury.

Joint Rehab Returns

Most third-party retailers will not refund on opened product, but will instead provide an in store credit for other products carried on their site.

Shop around for both the best price, and a possible money-back guarantee before purchasing Joint Rehab.

Joint Rehab Safety

Joint Rehab itself seems completely safe to use, but the cream should be kept away from children, heat should not be added to the injury site in conjunction with cream use, and if the cream irritates your skin in any way, you should discontinue use immediately.

If you suffer with severe arthritis or other medical conditions of concern, you may want to run Joint Rehab by your physician before using.

The Joint Rehab Conclusion

We’re a little concerned about the lack of money-back guarantee in relation to the price with Joint Rehab. $30 can be an investment in this economy, and all the manufacturer’s claims for Joint Rehab, have the word “may” in front of them.

Plus the complete lack of consumer testimonials leaves us a little leery.

Bottom line, a top-rated joint relief product will provide more than one ingredient, will offer a 100% return policy, and be backed by positive consumer opinion.

Proceed with caution.

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