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Created by Iovate Health, the makers of many popular health and weight loss products, Joint MD talks about giving you relief up to 3X faster than 1500mg of glucosamine! With Joint MD, you will feel the difference with every working, being able to prevent that joint pain, joint breakdown, and the down time in between. If you are like other major athletes and bodybuilders who need serious joint support, Joint MD is the exceptional product that stands above all others. They say that Joint MD will improve joint stiffness, function, and flexibility, and it contains a scientifically tested and proven key ingredient, working again differently and more effectively than glucosamine with a medically formulated approach. But does Joint MD actually work? Does Joint MD actually have the right ingredients or anything else for that matter?


Joint MD has certain ingredients that can work as a natural anti inflammatories such as bromelain for example. With Joint MD, you could potentially get immediate results. They also have hyaluronic acid, which works its way into the joints, cushioning them from further damage. They also have MSM which does the same thing.


It would seem that Joint MD is meant to be more of a workout formula than a joint formula. Most of their ingredients have absolutely nothing to do with the joints! When it comes to Joint MD, you will find that the ingredients found in Joint MD cannot even be compared to glucosamine. They are on completely different tracks. Things like MSM and hyaluronic acid work their way around joints, cushioning them, preventing them from grinding against each other. On the other hand, glucosamine actually works to rebuild the joints. So why are they even comparing them? They do not actually bother using the clinically proven amounts of anything. So unfortunately, this means that despite the presence of 2 ingredients that could work among many that don’t, you are still not getting the right amounts and therefore no results at all!


We would strongly recommend against the use of Joint MD. They may initially look good. They may initially look like they may have some hope. But unfortunately, it is all appearance, first impressions, and there is nothing to truly substantiate it. With Joint MD¸ you get what looks like it could be an energy supplement with all of the caffeine. But it does not even have enough caffeine to burn fat. So it has none of the applicable results. We would strongly recommend that you find something else.

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    I use this product and it takes away all the pain in my hips with just one tablet and there are no side effects. It is the best product on the market. Does anyone know where I can buy it?

    November 12, 2011 at 10:47 pm

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