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Heal-n-Soothe is a Living Well product that claims to give you amazing and clinically proven effects for a low price. They claim that you can have pain free joints so that “you can live life all over again” with no redness, burning, swelling, stiffness, etc. After all, some 46 million Americans suffer from arthritis every day, right? So why not get deep into the dirt and figure it all out. With Heal-N-Soothe, you simply ask yourself, does Heal-n-Soothe actually work? Do they actually bother living up to their claims or doing anything that would benefit you rather than simply padding their pocketbooks as so many companies do?


They have some interesting ingredients, and in particular, devil’s claw has actually been shown to work as a powerful anti inflammatory that will ease your pain right now. They also have some other generally healthy ingredients like vitamin E, which works as a powerful antioxidant to kill off harmful bacteria and free radicals.


They don’t actually have any really joint specific ingredients. They lack various anti inflammatories to ease the pain, and no, one is not enough. They don’t have any aspirin, which is often an important ingredient needed to show pain relief type resutls. They don’t have any ingredients that would actually rebuild the joints. And obviously, this would not actually ensure any kind of long term results either, which is actually a big part of what we are expecting and looking for. In general terms, they don’t have anything that would give you real reason to buy this product, especially if you want an arthritis product. It doesn’t even work for those who are simply looking for an improvement to their workouts.


We would not recommend using Heal-n-Soothe. It does not give you the effects you are looking for, and it really doesn’t have any healing ingredients at all. You would be far better off using something else, especially for the price you would end up paying all things considered. Heal-n-Soothe does not have ingredients meant for either long term or short term results. Nothing is really a given surprise with Heal-n-Soothe. They are just another company out to make as much money as possible without paying for it and without making the effort to go above and beyond the average.

Fortunately, there are far better products out there. There are products that actually have the right ingredients, the right amounts, and everything else. We have chosen our top 5 based on strict and serious criteria, and Heal-n-Soothe simply does not fit our needs or yours.

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Heal-n-Soothe User Reviews

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    I was editing a reply email to you (from me) before sending it and accidentally deleted it. Please do not send any more Heal n’ Sooth at this time. I have not used the two bottle you sent me. Too much going on in my life right now. I can’t remember to take it 30 minutes before a meal or sixty minutes after one. So I have used very little, not enough to know if it works or not.

    Do not send any more until I ask for it. Please respond ASAP that you will not send any more.

    Lera Hughes
    January 21, 2014 at 2:30 pm
    • Comment

      Lera, this is a matter you need to take up with Heal N Soothe customer service. We’re just a review site and cannot help you.

      February 4, 2014 at 1:51 pm

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