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People are used to the body healing itself, but you don’t have to put up with the pain. If you are experiencing a twinge in the knee or achy joints, there are joint health supplements available that alleviate the pain. The right joint supplement will help lubricate the joints to limit or completely remove pain permanently.

Some supplements for joint pain have a lot to offer, one treatment that takes an all-natural approach toward better health is Greek Island Lab’s Natural Joint. Natural Joint by Greek Island Labs should help with any joint discomfort ranging from the hips, elbows, and shoulders. In less than a week, this joint supplement should have you feeling better.


Countless joint supplements use gluosamine and chondroitin to treat arthritis, oseteoarthritis, and joint deterioration. There are conflicting studies about the effectiveness of these two ingredients and Natural Joint proposes an alternative solution. Natural Joint combines 37 Greek fruits and vegetables to provide the body with much needed nutrients to help promote healthy joints. Some of the ingredients in the blend include orange for antioxidants, avocado for vitamins A, D, and E, and radish for anti-inflammatory properties.


Taking a completely natural approach toward better health is not a bad thing, however only using fruits and vegetables to reduce joint discomfort won’t be strong enough. Having a few anti-inflammatory agents will help alleviate pain temporarily, but the ingredients in Natural Joint will hardly help lubricate the joints to absorb shock or support bones. If daily serving of fruits and vegetable were enough to eliminate joint discomfort, people could fix the problem by going to the grocery store without needing a supplement.


Natural Joint is a nutritional supplement and the antioxidant benefits promote better health. However, as a joint health supplement Natural Joint lacks the strength to provide long term results. There are no ingredients in the formula that help build cartilage for healthy joints or any that offer lubrication to help reduce pain.

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