Foods That Cause Joint Pain

If you have joint pain, there are literally hundreds of possible contributing factors. Usually, we think of strenuous exercise or age as the cause. But there are plenty of people out there who have early onset rheumatoid arthritis. It is never too early to develop arthritis! And you don’t have to be beating on your joints with strenuous exercise that goes overboard. There are some foods that are good for arthritis or joint pain. Obviously, one would automatically think of many anti inflammatory fruits and vegetables. But what foods should one avoid?

1. Sugar-sugar has actually been blamed for quite a few problems in the human body, not just joint pain. But it’s true. Sugar can actually cause inflammation and therefore pain around the area of the joints. It can reduce the function of your immune function, and it actually feeds fat cells and cancer cells. Avoiding most sugars can significantly decrease joint pain.
2. Alcohol-acting as a neurotoxin, this actually damages your pancreas, liver, and brain, therefore causing some related joint pain.
3. Dairy-we’ve all heard it before. Dairy is rich in unnatural hormones, it doesn’t have good digestive enzymes, etc. But when it comes to joint pain, those antibiotics and steroids given to cows make a huge difference. Milk is unsuitable as a whole for human consumption, and the toxins it tends to carry can build up in the body, creating in part joint problems.
4. Nitrites and Nitrates-used as preservatives in cured meats to extend shelf life, these are unnatural to the body and can cause more harm than good.
5. Inflammatory foods-it seems so obvious to say “inflammatory foods.” But some of these foods might be surprising. Red peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and chilis are all considered to be inflammatory foods.
6. Soy Products-soy products look like estrogen, and therefore, they are good for the female body. But they are heavily sprayed with insecticides and pesticides. This can cause serious problems and side effects.
7. Coffee-in some, this can create a certain inflammatory response. Yes, it has antioxidants. But the caffeine can cause a certain amount of stress, and it is highly contributory to joint pain.
8. Soft drinks-rich in sugar and artificial sweeteners, artificial sweeteners are actually the bigger culprit, because the body cannot properly digest them. Over time, they can become toxic.
9. Wheat-high in gluten, many people are more sensitive to gluten and cannot digest it than one would think. Many are not actually aware of the fact that they are sensitive to it.
10. MSG-whenever you drive by a Chinese restaurant, it seems like they all say “no MSG.” You would think it has been banned. But actually, most prepackaged food companies are just allowed to disguise it under rather innocuous names such as “artificial flavoring.” But it has been known to contribute to obesity in some studies, and it can actually cause serious inflammation and joint pain.

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