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Elations Powder Review

Do you suffer from aching or stiff joints? Are you tired of remembering to take your joint supplements multiple times every day? Elations Powder drink mix manufacturers claim they have the most effective joint support method.

These pre-mixed joint drinks or powders can be taken whenever and wherever you want. This sets Elations Powder apart from traditional joint supplements only available in capsule form.

The concept of joint support in a drink is intriguing. Was there anything wrong with pills?

Let’s check out what is in Elations Powder to see if it’s really this simple.

Joint Supplements in Liquid Form

Most joint supplements have to be taken 3-6 times daily. And since some have to be taken on an empty stomach, they might be inconvenient. Elations Powder and pre-mixed drinks, on the other hand, are taken just once per day.

Who Is Elations For?

Elations Powder and drinks are more a preventative measure against further joint damage than they are a pain reliever. The site targets an older, active crowd, saying although joints have had years of wear and tear, it is not too late to have healthy joints. Elations products are marketed for people who experience mild to moderate joint pain.


Most effective joint supplements have clinically-proven ingredients. Every bottle of the pre-mixed Elations drink and every packet of Elations Powder contain 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine and 1,200 milligrams of chondroitin. These two ingredients proved themselves in clinical studies to relieve joint pain and improve joint health.

Glucosamine – Does glucosamine help arthritis on its own? This is something many people question. According to the American Family Physician Journal, glucosamine is effective in helping arthritis as a solo ingredient.

After a clinical study in which glucosamine and chondroitin were tested both separately and together, they had this to say: “Overall, the evidence supports the use of glucosamine sulfate for modestly reducing osteoarthritis symptoms and possibly slowing disease progression.” [1]

Each serving of Elations drinks contains 1,500 milligrams of glucosamine.

Chondroitin – Is chondroitin an effective treatment of arthritis and joint problems on its own? According to, chondroitin helps rebuild cartilage, provide pain relief, and reduce inflammation in damaged or arthritic joints. However, digging a little deeper revealed a different viewpoint:

In the same article by the American Family Physician Journal discussed above, they wrote this about chondroitin being used alone as a treatment for arthritis: “Chondroitin may provide modest benefit in some patients with osteoarthritis, but it does not appear to offer any advantage over glucosamine.” This is evidence the two ingredients work best when used in combination. [1]

Each serving of Elations drinks contains 1,200 milligrams of chondroitin.

Calcium – Calcium does not directly aid with joint pain relief, but it does effect the bones to which all joints are connected. Calcium is especially beneficial for those who are aging because calcium stores wear down over time. Elations says calcium earns a spot on the ingredient list because strong bones provide strong joint support.

Each serving of Elations drinks contains 300 milligrams of calcium.

Boron – Boron is an important mineral that aids calcium metabolism in the body. It is a key ingredient in Elations Powder and drinks because it helps retain supplemented calcium.

Each serving of Elations drinks contains 6 milligrams of boron.


Elations pre-bottled drinks come in three flavors: Cranberry-Apple, Raspberry White Grape, and Black Cherry. The powder form of this supplement has been discontinued.

Advantages of Elations

There are advantages to drinking Elations joint supplements. These are lauded by both manufacturer and consumer.

• One drink a day
• Already mixed
• Great taste
• Easy absorption
• Sold everywhere

Disadvantages Elations

Not everyone who tries Elations has a positive experience. Those who do not list the following reasons.

• Takes several weeks to take effect
• Rare upset stomach side effect
• Some people dislike taste

What Users Are Saying

Most reviews for Elations products are positive. But like all joint supplements, it does not work for everyone.

Amazon user D. Holland “Fireguy” writes, “Three days into drinking this stuff, my knee felt better. I had been considering getting another knee operation (5 already), but now I feel like I don’t need to.”

Along the same lines, user Hermit writes, “Light weight, goes anywhere in purse or backpack. Good tasting and because you mix it just before taking it, it is always fresh.” These users found the Elations Powder mix to be tasty and convenient.

Other people have more to complain about, though. Amazon user Michelle Jacobs says “Tastes horrible! Has an after taste…don’t recommend.” The taste seems to be the major complaint against Elations Powder drink mix.

Is Elations Affordable?

Elations pre-mixed drinks can be purchased directly from the official site. The mixed drinks are found at many grocery and drug stores, but the powder has been discontinued.

Bottled drink 6 packs:

• $8.99
• Wal-Mart: $6.28

Elations Extras Rewards Program: You can earn points if you buy from the official site. The promotion now is buy 4, get the 4th free.

The Bottom Line

In general, Elations drinks get good reviews. The Elations Powder packets have been discontinued, likely because consumers preferred the pre-mixed bottled drinks.

Busy people could benefit from Elations because it’s simpler than taking several vitamin supplements per day. It is easy to find at most national grocery and drug stores.


[1] Gregory, P, Sperry, M, Friedman, A. “Dietary Supplements for Osteoarthritis.” American Family Physician Journal. 2008 Jan 15:77(2): 177-184. Available from:

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