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CytoSport Joint Matrix Review

You know there’s nothing worse than having inflamed and painful joints when you’re used to being active, and working out daily.

First off, when your body is screaming at you in pain, you need to listen! Back off from the rigorous exercise, and start to supplement. There is a way to reverse and heal joint damage, but it requires some patience and tender loving care from you. And this means you may have to stop playing racquet ball for a while.

And taking a quality supplement like CytoSport’s Joint Matrix will pay huge dividends.

Some athletes try to mask the pain with painkillers, ice packs and sports aids like knee braces. But what they miss is actually reversing the damage and allowing for real healing.

Let’s see if Joint Matrix can do that for you…

The Power Inside Joint Matrix

Joint Matrix offers some really quality ingredients that work synergistically to heal and ease damage to the cartilage and connective tissue around the joints. These include:

Curcumin Extract 400 mg
White Willow Extract 100 mcg
Deer Antler Velvet 100 mg
Acetyl-Cysteine 50 mg

These ingredients heal oxidative damage caused to the joint tissues by free radicals. Using these ingredients can actually turn back the clock on aging and disrepair of the joints. While Willow is also a natural form of aspirin for pain relief and ease of inflammation.

• A Trio of Glucosamine Salts–Glucosamine Sulfate 600 mg, N-Acetyl-Glucosamine 300 mg, and Glucosamine HCL 600 mg–clinically proven to provide relief to inflammation of the joints, and to offer essential lubrication and healing.
Chondroitin Sulfate 500 mg–gives strength, flexibility and shock relief to the connective tissues in your joints.
BioCell Collagen II 20 mg–a protein abundant in joint cartilage which actually produces new cartilage, and reduces stress damage to the joints. Bromelain–uses the power of naturally-occurring proteolytic enzyme which dissolves damaged joint and connective tissue lessening irritation, and allowing for new growth.

Joint Matrix Pros

• Ingredients are provided in individual dosages and are proven to aid in joint healing and pain/inflammation reduction
• Positive consumer testimonials
• Manufactured in an FDA-regulated facility
• Starts working in as little as 2 weeks—with possible repair in 30 days
• Free Shipping

Joint Matrix Cons

• With initial 8-a-day dosage, Joint Matrix will prove expensive at $24.99 for a 15-day supply (120 count bottle)
• No money-back guarantee
• May interact negatively with some medications—see your physician before using Joint Matrix
• People allergic to aspirin should not use Joint Matrix
• May cause nausea and GI irritation

Joint Matrix Testimonials

“Joint Matrix has helped me from the first day I started using it. My joints glide more smoothly and I have none of the pain or inflammation I used to. Good product!” ~ Peter Scheidemann

“I am 68 years old, joint matrix has kept my knees pain free for years. I hike about 1,000 miles a year.” ~ Patricia A. Casey

Joint Matrix Conclusion

We really like the Joint Matrix formula. It uses potent dosages of quality ingredients, and should really help you get over injury—and cure your joint ailments long term with continued use.

If you have any medical conditions however, please run Joint Matrix by your doctor before use.

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